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1. Curly Caesar

When deciding on a classic and timeless look to suit your hair type, look no further than a curly Caesar. The cut is defined by the short horizontal bangs and an even length throughout; the side, back, and top are kept roughly the same length. The Caesar looks excellent with texture, and a curly Caesar is a fantastic way to make your curls look stylish yet low maintenance. There are many ways to style it, from messy and uneven, to a more uniform appearance. But with curls, you want to be able to show them off. Be sure to work with a hairdresser who specializes in curly hair for the best possible result.

2. Curly Taper Fade

A taper fade gradually cuts the side and back of the hair short, while the top is left longer. This creates a stylish contrast, helping to achieve a masculine and polished appearance. There are many ways to try out this fade, but curly hair is one of the best because it is a way to make them look neater and is easier to style. The taper fade adds structure to your curls while highlighting them and making them the focus of your look.

3. Curly Slicked Back

We are talking about statement hairstyles for men with curly hair, and slicked-back curls are undoubtedly attention-grabbing. Matte or glossy, utilize a product that will complement your hair’s natural texture and will be long-lasting. Also, be conscious of your hair length and ensure that slicked back styling will suit your face shape. Men with longer curls will be afforded more versatility when slicking back their hair, as they can switch up how they part it and the way the curls will sit.

4. Curly Curtains

The curtain haircut is defined by a long fringe parted in the middle or on the side. It is a look that has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity of late and can be adapted to suit your hair length and texture. Curtains with curly hair are a fantastic option because they can enhance your natural texture and pair with a fade for a more polished and masculine appearance. There is little styling needed, and you need only can wash your hair and apply a curly product or texturizing spray.

5. Curly Mullet

The mullet is one of the most popular cuts to emerge from the 80s, and it is still favored among daring men today. The cut is short at the top and sides and longer in the back, creating an eye-catching shape and an effortless appearance. The mullet is one of the most controversial cuts and takes some serious confidence to pull off, but it is also incredibly versatile. It can be paired with hair of different textures, including curly. The volume of the curls makes it look less dramatic, as it softens the change in length between the front and back.

6. Curly Lob

The male version of the popularised women’s haircut called ‘the lob’ is a rockstar-inspired take on curly hair. You want to add a bit of texture, so don’t be too fussy with styling, it should look a little messy. Think grunge, but with a twist; you also want the hair to look thicker, so be careful with what product you use, opt for one that maximizes your natural volume.


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