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No.3 Clay Shaper!

Define your beloved ringlets with this super-soft, creamy, matte clay! SHOP NOW
When the workin' day is done

Curls just wanna have fun!

That's all they really want. Shop now
Vegan & Gluten FREE!

High-end, curly and textured haircare - made simple!


Bravo, you beautiful Riggs!

Riggs is a growing team of music loving, goodtime-having, haircare professionals delivering high-end haircare that caters specifically to curly and textured hair types. That’s us in a nutshell. Hair and music, in that order. Australia is an incredibly diverse nation ya know. A rich tapestry of culture and ethnicity that makes for a vast range of hair textures and styles. We’re producing products that cater to this uniquely Aussie market, and we’ve kicked things off with our flagship offering, Riggs No.3 Clay Shaper.

Our No.3 Clay Shaper has enough tricks up its sleeves to make Houdini blush. What that means for you is effortless style and maintenance for your crowning glory. Less time in front of the mirror means more time doing whatever it is that makes you tick! Bravo you beautiful Riggs!