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Embrace Winter Hair Style Trends for Curly Hair in Australia

As the colder months approach, it's time to revamp your curly hair routine and embrace the winter hair style trends in Australia. While the chilly weather may pose some challenges, it also opens up exciting opportunities to experiment with new looks and protect your curls from the elements. In this article, we'll explore some fabulous winter hair style trends and provide you with practical tips to keep your curly hair healthy and stylish during the winter season.

Winter Hair Style Trends for Curly Hair:

  • Cozy and Chic Updos: Winter is the perfect time to rock elegant updos that not only keep your hair off your face but also add a touch of sophistication to your look. Opt for loose, romantic buns, low ponytails with twisted or braided elements, or chic chignons. These updos can be easily achieved by incorporating bobby pins, hair ties, and a touch of styling product to keep your curls in place. Embrace the warmth and elegance of these cozy updos during the winter season.

Curly Hair Woman Wearing Updo

  • Protective Styles: Winter can be harsh on curly hair, with dry air and indoor heating leading to increased frizz and moisture loss. Embrace protective styles to shield your curls from the elements and minimise damage. Try box braids, twists, or faux locs that not only provide a break from daily styling but also promote hair growth and moisture retention. Don't forget to moisturise your hair before installing the protective style and take care of your scalp by applying nourishing oils regularly.

Curly Hair Woman Protective Hairstyle Braids

  • Hats and Headscarves: Add a touch of flair to your winter look by incorporating hats and headscarves into your hairstyles. Opt for wide-brimmed floppy hats, cozy beanies, or trendy berets. They not only protect your curls from the cold but also add a stylish accessory that complements your winter outfits. If you prefer headscarves, experiment with different tying techniques, such as the turban or the headband style, to keep your curls protected and make a fashion statement.

Curly Hair Man Wearing Hat Slash Guns n Roses

Winter Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair:

  1. Deep Conditioning: Hydration is key during the winter months. Incorporate deep conditioning treatments into your hair care routine at least once a week to replenish moisture and combat dryness. Look for deep conditioners that are rich in moisturizing ingredients like shea butter or argan oil. Apply the conditioner generously, leave it on for the recommended time, and rinse thoroughly for soft and nourished curls.

  2. Moisture Sealing: Lock in moisture by using a sealing product, such as a leave-in conditioner or hair oil, after washing and conditioning your hair. Apply a small amount to damp hair, focusing on the ends, to seal in moisture and combat frizz. This extra step will help keep your curls hydrated and protected from the drying effects of the winter weather.

  3. Limit Heat Styling: Excessive heat styling can further dry out your curls during the winter months. Embrace heatless styling techniques, such as twist-outs, braid-outs, or roller sets, to achieve beautiful curls without the use of heat. If you do use heat occasionally, make sure to apply a heat protectant and use the lowest heat setting possible.

Winter in Australia brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities for curly hair. By embracing winter hair style trends and following a few essential care tips, you can keep your curls healthy, stylish, and protected during the colder months. From cozy and chic updos to protective styles and stylish accessories like hats and headscarves, there are plenty of options to keep your curls looking fabulous. Remember to prioritise moisture with regular deep conditioning, seal in hydration with sealing products (like our Riggs No. 3 Clay Shaper), and limit heat styling to maintain the health of your curls. Embrace the beauty of your curly hair and let it shine with confidence all winter long. Stay warm, stay stylish, and rock those curls with pride!


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